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What to Prepare When Working With a Business Plan Writer

What to Prepare When Working With a Business Plan Writer

Working with a business plan writer can be a transformative experience for both budding entrepreneurs and established businesses. Their expertise can shine a light on your business concept, streamlining your vision and providing a roadmap for the future. However, to ensure an efficient process and a compelling end product, there are specific preparations you should undertake. So, what do you need to prepare when working with a business plan writer?

Essential Preparation Steps for Working with a Business Plan Writer

It’s not merely about handing over your business idea on a silver platter. It’s about a partnership, an understanding, and making sure you provide all the ingredients necessary for your writer to cook up an impeccable business plan. Here’s what you need to get in order:

  1. Understanding Your Business Vision and Mission
    • Get crystal clear on your business’s overarching vision and mission. These foundational elements will guide the entire business plan and give your writer a framework to build upon.
  2. Market Research Data
    • Gather up-to-date market research. Understand the landscape, your competitors, your target audience, and industry trends. This information will be invaluable in creating a realistic and actionable plan.
  3. Financial History and Projections
    • For established businesses, provide your financial history. If you’re a startup, be clear about your financial expectations and any projections or forecasts you’ve considered.
  4. Operational Structure and Workflow
    • Describe how your business functions day-to-day. Outline your team structure, workflow processes, and any software or tools you utilize.
  5. Marketing and Sales Strategies
    • Share any existing marketing and sales strategies. Where do you find your clients or customers? How do you keep them engaged? This will help in the development of a comprehensive marketing plan.
  6. Business Challenges and Solutions
    • Be candid about the challenges you’ve faced or anticipate facing. By understanding these hurdles, a business plan writer can provide strategies and solutions tailored to your unique situation.
  7. Product or Service Details
    • Elaborate on what you’re selling. Whether it’s a product or a service, give a detailed description, its benefits, and how it stands out in the market.
  8. Legal and Compliance Information
    • If there are specific regulations or compliance standards in your industry, ensure these are communicated. It’s vital that your business plan respects and acknowledges these constraints.
  9. Feedback and Revision Process
    • Understand that the first draft might not be the final draft. Be ready to provide constructive feedback and engage in a revision process to refine the business plan.
  10. Clear Communication and Regular Check-ins
  • Ensure you’re available for regular check-ins with your writer. This ongoing communication will ensure alignment and clarity throughout the writing process.

Why Preparation Matters When Working With a Business Plan Writer

The quality of input directly influences the quality of output. By equipping your business plan writer with detailed, relevant information, you set the stage for a business plan that is not only well-written but also deeply reflective of your business’s essence.

Benefits of Collaborative Preparation

  • Enhanced Clarity: The more precise and comprehensive your information, the clearer and more tailored your business plan will be.
  • Efficiency: Save time and reduce back-and-forth by providing everything your writer might need upfront.
  • In-depth Analysis: With all the necessary data at hand, your writer can delve deep, providing insights and strategies you might not have considered.
  • Personalized Touch: When a writer fully understands your business, they can infuse the business plan with a touch of personalization that resonates with readers.

Drawbacks of Inadequate Preparation

  • Ambiguous Output: Without a clear direction, the resulting business plan might lack focus and precision.
  • Time Delays: The need to constantly provide additional information or clarify doubts can significantly extend the project timeline.
  • Missed Opportunities: A business plan writer can only work with what they’re given. Inadequate information might mean missed opportunities for insights or strategies.

Working With a Business Plan Writer FAQs 

How often should I check in with my business plan writer?
Regular check-ins, perhaps once a week, can be beneficial. However, the frequency can be adjusted based on the project’s requirements and the comfort level of both parties.

Is my business too small to need a formal business plan?
No business is too small for a plan. A well-structured business plan can provide direction, attract investors, and guide growth, irrespective of the business’s size.

What if I don’t have all the information ready?
It’s okay if you don’t have everything. A skilled business plan writer can often fill in gaps with market research and industry insights. However, the more you can provide, the better.

How long should a business plan be?
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Depending on the business’s complexity and objectives, plans can range from a few pages to 50 or more.

Will the business plan writer sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Many business plan writers are open to signing NDAs to protect your business information and ideas.

Can I update my business plan after it’s completed?
Absolutely! A business plan should be a living document, updated as your business evolves and grows.


Preparing to work with a business plan writer is a strategic move that sets the tone for your business’s future direction. The depth and clarity of information you provide serve as a foundation for a well-structured plan. Remember, the strength of this foundation influences the effectiveness of the business plan in driving your venture forward. If you’re looking for expertise in business planning and consulting, Go Business Plans can assist with your business needs and beyond. Choosing professional support can significantly boost the quality of your business strategy, ensuring a roadmap tailored for success. So, equip yourself, gather your data, and take a proactive step towards strategic planning and sustained growth. Call us now to get started!

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