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Raise Capital To Launch or Expand

You only have one chance to make a crucial first impression with investors and lenders. A detailed and well-strategized business plan is key to making your path to funding much shorter. Our business plan consultants will help you to prepare for your investor meeting, as well as provide you with strategic advisory on your business idea and funding options.

Identify Strategies to Increase Revenues

A clearly-defined business plan is vital to your long-term business success. It determines your business goals and the specific growth initiatives needed to get there. Our experienced business plan consultants can help you to analyze your potential market opportunities, provide you with strategic recommendations for growth, and develop the proper action plan to implement them.

Develop a Roadmap to Exit Your Business

Developing an exit strategy to potentially sell your business down the road is critical.  Most successful entrepreneurs think about their business with the end in mind, and spend time to think about the growth strategies that will increase their valuation within a defined period of time.  Our business plan consultants can help you to create a long-term exit strategy that maximizes your revenues and profits to prepare you for a multi-million dollar exit.

Give Yourself The Best Chance At Long Term Success

Our business plan consultants will collaborate with you to develop an action plan for all aspects of your business:

Company Analysis

An overview of your company’s growth strategies, product or service offerings, an analysis of your business model, and overall value proposition to your target markets.

Industry & Market Analysis

An overview of your company’s growth potential through analyzing industry revenue and key growth trends, segmentation of products and services, and future growth projections. Also, a calculation of the market size, an overview of customer trends and buying preferences, and statistics on consumer demographics.

Competitive Analysis

Business intelligence and data on your direct competitors, as well as an analysis of your competitive differentiation and advantage in the marketplace.

Marketing Plan

A breakdown of suggested marketing channels and tactics to increase brand exposure and successfully reach your target customers or clients.

Operations Plan

An overview of your Company’s organizational and operational structure, hiring plan, expansion strategy, and key operational milestones for growth.

Financial Model

An Excel spreadsheet that analyzes the company’s financial positioning through a five year pro forma statements and financial projections for revenue, costs, valuation and fund uses.


  • Business Audit

    During your business audit, our team will assess your internal business strategy, historical performance, and current challenges to develop your needs assessment and identify the key points of emphasis to address during our engagement together.

  • Opportunity Analysis

    After we get a better understanding of your company's vision, our consultants will conduct strategic market research to analyze the viability and feasibility of your potential growth strategies, gather business intelligence on your competitive environment, and further assess the market demand and preferences of your customer base.

  • Strategic Recommendations

    Supported by industry-leading market research, our team will provide you with strategic recommendations on your business model, marketing strategies, organizational structure, operational process, and overall financial growth strategy.

  • Business Plan Development

    Once we have decided on your future growth initiatives to pursue, we will begin to create a strategic business plan that provides you with a tactical roadmap that outlines the step by step milestones and key performance indicators needed to obtain your business goals and overall growth strategy.

Here Is What Makes Us Different

Over $1 Billion in Funding Raised From Investors, Banks and Grants

Our business plans have raised over $1 Billion in combined debt and equity funding, as well as secured hundreds of immigration visas from around the world. Our team understands the requirements of financial institutions (including major commercial banks and the Small Business Administration), investors (strategic, portfolio, angel, VC, private equity funds, etc.) and larger institutional partners. In addition, we have a wide network of potential investors, that we can distribute the plan for fundraising.  

3,000+ Engagements Completed in Over 100 Industries

Our team of business plan consultants have completed over 3,000 business plans in total and has experience in hundreds of industries. More importantly, we only staff business plan consultants on your project if they have experience within your target industry. Our business plan consultants are the best in the business. We have deep and broad experience in creating and consulting a diverse range of businesses. We have a keen sense of what works in the marketplace and what does not. We also have experts in operational strategy, financial analysis, market research, marketing, international expansion, and much more. Our experience includes working with start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune 1,000 companies.

Emphasis on Business Feasibility & Strategy

As your business plan consultants, we can advise you on the best business, marketing and operational strategy for the growth of your business. Unlike other business plan consultants, we don’t just document your ideas on paper. Our business plan consultants research and collaborate with you to create a strategy to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive environment and over the long-term.  As your partners, we can help create the right foundation for your business.

World Class Team and Specialist Based Approach

You will work with a team of our best business plan consultants and specialists on each aspect of your business. A market research expert to provide business intelligence and data on your competitors, a financial analyst to develop your five year financial projections and assess total funding required, a marketing strategist to think through the best channels to reach your customers, and a business consultant to help you brainstorm and draft your business strategy. Our business plan plan consultants have work experience from the top consulting firms in the world, including McKinsey, Bain and Boston Consulting.

Access to Valuable Market Research

We have access to all of the leading research databases including Forrester, Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, IBIS World, Data Monitor, and other leading research databases. A report from each of these firms can cost you upwards of $2,000 to $5,000 each. The good news? We have unlimited access to these reports and can use them to provide you with the best and most up to date market research possible, in order to evaluate the growth opportunities of your industry and market.

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