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Frequently Asked Questions


What Does Go Business Plans Do?

Go Business Plans works with entrepreneurs and business owners to develop strategic business plans to raise capital from investors and/or to serve as an internal roadmap for the launch and growth of their business. Our team of business plan writers assist each client to prepare professional business plans including detailed market research and recommendations to improve the company’s viability and feasibility before presenting to investors or a bank. Go Business Plans also helps each client to assess the current challenges of their business and develop strategic growth initiatives to expand and grow their company.

What Industries Do You Specialize In?

Our team of experienced business plan writers and business plan consultants offers expertise in a broad array of markets and industries including Alternative Energy / Green Technologies, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Cloud, Mobile & Traditional Software, Commercial Real Estate, Consumer Products & Services, Education & E-Learning, Financial Services, Insurance, International / Cross-Border Businesses, Internet & E-Commerce, Hardware & Semiconductors, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing & Industrial, Media & Entertainment, Medical Devices, Non-Profit Organizations, Professional Services, Residential Real Estate Restaurants, Bars & Other Food Service.

Can You Guarantee That Our Plan Will Raise Capital?

While we cannot guarantee that our business plans will raise capital, we are committed to each client to ensure that they are 100% satisfied at the end of each engagement. We guarantee that our business plans and engagement process will successfully position and prepare your company for raising capital from investors or a bank. Our team of business plan writers and business plan consultants will work with you directly to ensure your business plan is feasible and positioned for success.

Do We Really Need a Business Plan?

We absolutely recommend every business owner or entrepreneur to have a business plan for their company. Whether you are a start-up venture or an existing company, you will need a business plan not only to show potential investors for the purposes of raising capital, but also to reference as an internal roadmap to organize and manage every aspect of your business from marketing to operations.

Why Should We Hire a Business Plan Consultant vs. Doing It Ourselves?

Our team of business plan writers and business plan consultants understand the requirements of a successful business plan and excel in helping clients strategically planning for the growth of their business. You could spend several hours creating the perfect business plan, but this is time you should be spending building your team, product, distribution channels, and customer base. By hiring a Go Business Plans consultant, not only will you add more value to your time but you will also receive expert advice from a qualified professional.

What Makes Your Business Plan Unique?

Go Business Plans focuses on creating a high quality, professional business plan customized to the business model and needs of each individual client. We also pride ourselves on providing our clients with a proven engagement process and methodology to not only develop a quality business plan package, but also provide a valuable exercise to strategize the current challenges and potential growth initiatives for the company.

How Does Your Business Plan Process Work?

The Go Business Plans effective 4-step engagement process ensures that each client receives an extensive and customized business plan within a reasonable timeline. On average, our consultants deliver business plans within ten business days. Our four-step engagement process includes:

  • Step One – Initial Consultation: During a prospective client’s free business plan consultation, a GOBP consultant listens to the client’s goals and provides initial recommendations on their business idea, financing options, and growth opportunities.
  • Step Two – Kick Off Call: The client meets their industry specific consultant and discusses their Company’s vision and business opportunity.
  • Step Three – Business Plan Draft Development: GOBP consultants and writers build the first draft of the business plan and financial model supported by industry-leading market research and recommended marketing, operational, and financial strategies.
  • Step Four – Review & Revisions: The GOBP team delivers the first complete business plan draft then collaborates with the client for a full month until they are 100% satisfied with the plan and financial model.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Business Plan Completed?

We offer a number of different business plan engagement packages and options, which have varying timelines depending on the scope of work and overall requirements. Our traditional business plan process takes an average of two weeks to develop; however, each project is customized to fit the needs of each client.

How Much Does The Business Plan Cost?

Each business plan engagement is custom quoted based on the business model, complexity of the financial projections, and research requirements. Our team of business plan writers and consultants will be able to prepare a custom price quote for you once they have learned more about your business and your overall business plan requirements.

What Are Your Qualifications?

The Go Business Plans team has over 50 years of combined experience in strategic planning and consulting, with many team members previously working for the world’s top consulting firms including McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group. Our team of business plan writers and business plan consultants has a proven track record of success backed by in-depth experience and talented team members. Our plans have raised over $1 Billion in combined debt and equity funding world. Our team has written over 3,000 business plans to date.

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