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Indiana is the 38th-largest state by area and the 17th-most populous in the country. The state has several metropolitan areas with populations greater than 100,000 and a number of smaller industrial cities and towns. It has a diverse economy with a gross state product of $359.12 billion in 2017. Much of the state’s income comes from revenue from manufacturing. Our business plan writers in Indiana have firsthand experience in these industries and are ready to utilize their knowledge to help you grow your business.

Indiana's Multi-National Landscape & Business Environment

Automobile manufacturing became a major industry in Indiana in the beginning of the 20th century, with more than 40 cities producing vehicles. This industry persists today as the state continues its lead in the export of cars and parts to countries such as Canada. Natural resources also contribute greatly to its economy, particularly the 36 million ton of coal it produces annually. Moreover, Indiana ranks 5th among all U.S. states in total sales and shipments of pharmaceutical products. In 2016, Indiana was home to seven Fortune 500 companies with a combined $142.5 billion in revenue.

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