Hemlock Hat Co. Selling Hundreds of Thousands of Colorful Straw Hats

Founded in 2016 by 28-year-old Anthony Lora, our client Hemlock Hat Co., has gained fast popularity in a short matter of time. Why? As a lifestyle headwear brand, Hemlock Hat Co. is known for its signature design (colorful fabric on the underside of their hats) – an innovation that has led to large growth. Although its funky and colorful design plays a major part in its success, it’s Anthony that makes Hemlock Hat Co. what it is. Looking back at his upbringing, he grew up with skating, surfing and major lifestyle brands such as Billabong. Taking inspiration from the factors that surrounded him, he knew he needed to provide a product that resonated with his adventurous, outdoor lifestyle. Unlike other startups, however, Anthony didn’t have a sob story to tell when it came to launching his brand; in fact, he needed to make money and find a product he can make and sell. Thus, after realizing that a lot of big name stores were lacking unique straw hats, Hemlock Hat Co. was born. Today, our client has hats in over 600 different store brands, with 1,500 retail locations in 43 states. Based on current projections, Hemlock Hat Co. expects to sell 200,000 hats in the next year, and by fall 2020, new types of headwear will be introduced. In summary, we are proud to sit alongside Hemlock Hat Co. as they experience this great journey to success.

Scope: Hemlock Hat Co. hired us as a professional business plan consultant to create a strategic business plan in order to raise capital for its lifestyle headwear brand.

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