The design of a business plan isn’t a place where creativity and imagination are necessary or recommended. Designing a business plan is supposed to be a straightforward endeavor, utilizing industry standard practices which investors have become acquainted with through the tens of thousands of plans that they have reviewed in the past. Use these steps to implement this standard design and conserve imagination to your company ideas within the strategy.

Begin by securing a business plan template, outline or sample, especially if it is connected with the business sector that your company is competing in. These may be found on the internet, business plan publications, or by a small business development center or comparable resource center. Business plans normally begin with an executive summary and business overview and is followed by background research and analysis about the market, clients, and competition. Afterwards, the plan should include the organization’s planned methods for its marketing strategy and operations plan. Then it is important to include the management team behind the company and finish with the financial plan and appendices, comprising full financial statements.

Use the outline or sample to guide your comprehension of every section and also to observe how they relate to one another. Do not presume that any one example should control your comprehension unless if it is taken from a trustworthy source, who has strong reputation and expertise in writing successful business plans.

Page Layout

It is imperative to maintain a professional and formal theme of the business plan. Section headings, page headers & footers, the cover sheet and other layout elements provide you with some room for aesthetic decisions. The entire plan has to have a consistent layout and fonts across the document. It should utilize headings, graphics, or typefaces that are not distracting. Concerning formality, the business plan should be regarded on par with the level of a PhD dissertation, instead of a middle college paper or composition where teachers will allow you to eliminate (or promote) decorative and imaginative elements that reveal your character.

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